Women’s Self Defence

The 12 week self defence course that I attended at the Oasis was fantastic!

The instructor Bob was brilliant, he was clear, informative and patient. He continuously helped everyone every week. He taught us so many things in a simple way with maximum impact. He has most definitely given me so much confidence. I feel more aware of how I would get out of difficult situations if I’m presented with them.
All the instructors were great, very friendly and there to help!

The confidence I have gained from this is unbelievable, I’ve enjoyed every class, even times when I didn’t feel like going, I’m pleased I did as I felt amazing afterwards.

Self defence classes have given me the control I think we all need in this day and age. Not only that, it’s helped me with my physical fitness and mental attitude.

It is something I would encourage everyone to do no matter what age!
You feel better, you have a positive attitude, become more aware of others and of your own capabilities, and above else it’s made me feel positive and good about myself.