Self Defence Course – Christchurch Youth Club

We were recently asked to do a self- defence course for a local Church Youth Club based at Christchurch in Bromley. The event was a great success with the youth leader reporting back immediately that the group had had a “brilliant, brilliant time”. The Church is lucky to have a large and vibrant Youth Club who were all very keen and enthusiastic to try something new, and we split the young people into two groups  of 11-14 year olds and 14-18 year olds.

The younger group worked on groundwork, or “wrestling” techniques, whilst the older ones learnt how to execute a hip-throw, which involves blocking a strike from a potential attacker and whilst being thrown to fall safely  onto the ground, in the dojo(training hall) matted area. Everyone had great fun, and were given challenges at the end of the session to test their newly learnt ju jitsu skills against one another.

We are proud to have committed club members at  South East London School of Ju Jitsu who gave up their time to come and support this event. Two of our junior black belts managed to demonstrate 26 hip throws in a timed one minute period, which was an impressive display. Two of the older children who had only learnt on that evening, I think achieved 14.

One young person said on leaving that the session was “totally awesome” and another participant said “ I never thought I’d learn so much in one session! The instructors were kind and helped me pick things up really quickly. It was Really really fun.SE London Ju Jitsu holds classes in Bromley and Eltham; Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.