Is Ju Jitsu Right for Me?

By Sensei Carolyn 

Ju Jitsu is probably one of the most ancient and complex martial arts to learn, and it is not easy, but it is thrilling and exciting. Developed by the Japanese Samurai, Ju Jitsu favours the smaller person and relies on skill rather than strength.

Is Ju Jitsu Suitable for Everyone?

People of any age and fitness level are welcome to join the group and get fit as they train. Some of our students are superbly fit, particularly those thinking of competing, but most of their stamina training is done away from the classes. Beginners can work at their own pace, juniors can start from age six.

We are fortunate to have in the group students who are skilled in other martial arts including black belts in several styles of karate, kick-boxing and some Judo proponents as well as Brazilian Ju-Jitsu practicioners, although Ground-fighting is an important part of our system in its own right. Ju Jitsu is an all-round self defence system that includes punching and kicking, throwing and locking and fighting on the ground.

Children & Ju Jitsu

Two juniors practising ju jitsu throws

Children are taught respect and discipline in a fun environment. They learn how to break-fall safely, which can help them in all walks of life, not just on the mat (tatami). It can tremendously improve self-confidence and mobility. In a self-defence situation, although this is taught,  a child does not have to resort to kicking and punching, restraints (locks) are much more effective unless in extreme situations. Children enjoy “wrestling” and the games that end the training sessions. Young teens can choose to join the childrens’ or adults’ class according to their size and preference, and move up as and when they feel ready.

Women & Ju Jitsu

We do not run women only groups, as it is best for everyone to train with as many different partners of different weights and sizes as possible. Everyone in the group is friendly and welcoming.

Disabilities & Ju Jitsu

We will do what we can do cater for all needs; there is an initial health form to fill in, sometimes a doctor’s letter may be necessary to ensure the safety of all.